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Great Circle Power actively invests in customer-sited Behind-the-Meter Distributed Energy Resource Assets (“DERs”).


We bring capital and expertise to bear in order to reduce borne power costs in partnership with our hosting partners

Great Circle Power is deploying committed capital to grow an existing significant operational DER portfolio.

Great Circle Power Corporation supports the development, financing, acquisition & management of distributed power generation and storage assets.

GCP can provide all necessary project capital and a demonstrated capacity to manage complex DER project assessment, development, procurement, and realization.

GCP is utilizing the operating platform, permitting, procurement, and development capacity of Great Circle Solar Management Corp. Great Circle Solar is one of North America's largest third party solar asset management platforms with a $3.2 Billion operating portfolio of distribution system-connected assets.




500+ MWh’s

Year Established
Operational DER Sites
Separate Utility Regions
Dispatched Back-up & Peak Generation

Great Circle Power has development, funding, acquisition and operational experience in customer-sited power generation & storage assets.

We are actively deploying capital to expand an existing operational portfolio through an active investment partnership with a premier global private equity investment firm.

GCP is registered as a Licensed Electricity Generator and Electricity Retailer.

GCP is a registered Demand Response Aggregator and Market Participant, active with respect to its own Capacity, and also for contracted Capacity managed on behalf of third parties.

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